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06 July, 2016

CSE welcomes NHS and Laurie Peterson a former NASA JSC Sustainability Champion to its global network of affiliates!

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence is excited to welcome New Horizon Strategies, LLC to its network of affiliates! New Horizon Strategies (NHS), provides individuals and organizations the necessary support to reach astonishing milestones. NHS offers professional speaking, coaching, consulting,...

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08 June, 2016

Authorized Trainers

The SMA is proud to announce the Center for Sustainability Excellence is now offering training for the certification exam. The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is a recognized global leader in professional sustainability and corporate responsibility training and coaching; and...

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27 May, 2016

CSE delivers another successful session of the Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program in New York City!

Only a few days ago, CSE successfully delivered on the 23rd and 24th of May in New York City the Advanced Edition 2016 of the global Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program. This high level professional training was fully booked and once again...

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17 May, 2016

The CSE’s Sustainability Academy leads the way in Certified Specialized Sustainability (CSR) Education

Having identified an existing gap in Sustainability education globally, the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) wants to create a strong Sustainability culture by empowering professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates and offers practical and up to date education in this important...

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12 April, 2016

Advanced Sustainability Workshop by DePaul University (CPE) in collaboration with CSE

We are excited to announce that DePaul University (CPE) is hosting the Sustainability Practitioner Workshop in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) and invites you to join this June a unique sustainability event in Chicago! This two-day workshop...

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29 March, 2016

Leading speakers from NASA JSC in the new advanced Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program in Houston, TX

CSE successfully delivered the 24th and 25th of March in Houston, Texas the Advanced Edition 2016 of the global Certified Sustainability Practitioner Program and brought together professionals, eager in further developing and enhancing their business strategies though CSR frameworks. Leading Guest...

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08 March, 2016

Is the CSR profession the job of the future?

The Centre for Sustainability & Excellence always believed so and during the last few years, this belief has turned into reality as thousands of companies are hiring Sustainability and CSR professionals with specialized education. Research from various sources has shown that...

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23 February, 2016

CSE celebrates 10 years of making a global impact in Sustainability and CSR!

CSE celebrates 10 years of global Leadership in Professional Education and Specialized Advisory services for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility! In these 10 years, the CSE has created a new sector and thousands of new companies and jobs in the field! As...

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