Global Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training Workshops by CSE

Upon successful completion of the training, Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners receive a CSR-P seal:

Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners … Journey and Value

CSE offers a range of workshops and training courses in the areas of Sustainability, CSR, and Sustainable Development for professionals responsible for the integration of initiatives and best practice within organizations.

CSE has trained more than 5,000 professionals from all industry sectors.

More than 300 professionals from 5 continents and 25 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have become Certified CSR Practitioners. These professionals have gained advanced knowledge and career progression through the globally recognized Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training workshop.

Organizations such as The World Business for Sustainable Development, Oracle, Sara Lee, Mercedes Benz, Baker Hughes, Whole Foods, The North Face, Vanity Fair, CYTA, Entrepreneur, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, and Dubai Customs have benefited from CSE’s advanced Sustainability trainings.


Join the leading course on Sustainability (CSR)

Professionals gain advanced knowledge and acquire comprehensive skills for bringing added value and authenticity to their organizations at the strategic and operational level.
Successful Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners ensure that the commitment to Sustainability is deployed through the effective design and implementation of strategies and programs across organizations. By maintaining high levels of confidence among stakeholders and adopting business transparency organizations achieve excellence and actively promote social responsibility across the Triple Bottom Line.


Fields that Benefit

  •     CSOs
  •     Public Relations
  •     Communications
  •     Human Resources
  •     Sustainability / CSR Managers
  •     Environmental Executives


Topics Covered

  • Definition of Sustainability (CSR)
  • Local and International Trends & Legislation in CSR / Climate Change
  • Stakeholder Approach & Triple Bottom Line
  • Design of a Sustainability Strategy
  • Creation of a Carbon Footprint Strategy & LCA
  • Green and Cause Related Marketing
  • GRI Reporting and Verification (GRI guidelines)
  • Global Standards, Guidelines
  • Tools for Integration (GRI, CDP, ISO 26000, UN Global Compact)
  • The role of Sustainability (CSR) Manager   


Participants' Quotes

"A better and more informed understanding of the role of sustainability, the importance of true stakeholder engagement and transparency"-Wendell Wilson, Global Sustainability Director of Coca-Cola

"Incredible knowledge shared. Great mix of presentations and group assignments" -Jeff Rehm, Sustainability Manager, WW Grainger

“The true sign of a superior program is the ability to engage participants to share their varied experiences and ideas. The CSE Sustainability Practitioner Workshop offers terrific value; dynamic interaction combined with thought-provoking ideas, as well as - of course - the opportunity to earn the globally recognized CSR-P certification." - John Friedman, Sustainable Business Network of Washington 

“The ideas of the program changed my view of my job in the PR field.” - Abdullah Mohammad, Media Coordinator, Dubai Courts

“It was our pleasure to both present at and attend the CSE training. We were very impressed by the breadth of the content as well as the level of engagement by the attendees. The discussions were interesting, lively and well facilitated by our hosts, who covered a broad array of topics related to sustainability.’ - Barbara & Jordan Kimmel, Co-founders, Trust Across America

"I appreciated the teamwork/collaborative approach and availability of the instructors for questions and discussions. It was great." - Mr. Grant Buma, Green Team Leader, Sara Lee Corporation

“Very good coverage and flow of key issues and concepts in CR. Good opportunity to be inspired with new ideas through presentations and group discussions.” - Lily Heinemann, CR Manager, Lloyds

"I attended CSE's CSR-P training with the hope of learning the basic nuts and bolts about CSR and sustainability -- especially the evolution of these terms, the measurement, the nuances of non-financial reporting and the early leaders. What I received over the intense two-and-a-half-day packed agenda was all of this and more. Through a balanced mix of individual and group exercises, the training helped me understand the sector and get acquainted with its many issues. Use the training to understand the sector and pin point where you fit in and how you can contribute." - Aman Singh, Editor CSR Wire

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